This service is run on a reasonable endeavours basis. Parts of the site may break and we might not be able to fix them immediately.

We promise not to deliberately mislead you, but please bear in mind that the railway in Great Britain is really complicated and there are some cases where the information we show you might not be entirely accurate:

  • Cancellations - A train may be cancelled, but we might not be notified at the time. There are operational systems such as Tyrell which contain more information - but we don't have access to them.
  • Delayed information - Some parts of the railway don't have the technology to automatically report train movements, especially in rural areas. Where we know about these areas, we'll tell you.
  • Information during disruption - When the railway is severely disrupted, the information shown will be inaccurate. We are working on a way of showing you a warning when this happens.

You mustn't rely on the information shown for anything safety-related, nor should you base any critical decisions on the data without checking other sources.

If you can help make the site more accurate, please e-mail feedback@opentraintimes.com